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Codice 623.0427.02

Caratteristiche principali

Housing in steel, oven coated with acidproof epoxy paint; heating plate in aluminium, 8 mm. thick with rapid heating up to 350 °C temperature: the position of the heating resistance allows uniform heating of the whole surface; a solid structure renders the plate heater efficient and multipurpose; it can be used as thermostate by putting a steel tank on the plate, but as thermostatic or sand bath too. Controls are completely separeted from the heating device, so highest safety of all electronic controls is guaranteed.

Temperature adjustment and setting for Jolly 1 obtained through a thermoregulator with graduated , fluid – expansion probe; Jolly 2 feautures the same characteristics , but temperature control is different, that is, the Codice is provided with an electronic, PB thermoregulator with built – in “J” thermocouple and red LED digital thermometer with inside PT 100 temperature probe, which allows temperature control on the plate or in the fluid. N.B. The max indicated temperatures refer to plate.

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Caratteristiche tecniche

Plate Temperature

+50 to +350

Heating Elements Power

mm 410 x 270

Precision On The Plate

± 5

Heating Res. Capacity

W 1200

Max Carrying Power Weight

Kg 25


Kg 2.0

External Dimension

mm 410 x 290 x 190

Security Class


Protection Class

IP 32


V/HZ 230/50-60