1. Linea consumabile

MS – 2000 ml

Codice 625.0532.20

Caratteristiche principali

Safety flask heaters were developed by FALC in compliance with CEI Safety Standards.
They feature entirely new characteristics: square housing with EX validated, flameproof distributing box placed on the heater side. These heaters are provided with outer cases and calottes in welded and sealed steel, which ensure maximum insulation of the electric components; outer parts are oven coated with acidproof epoxy paint.
Heating resistances are built in a fiberceramic block covered by a steel calotte with fiberglass cloth protection. Control boxes are connected to heaters by an insulated and sealed cord of about 2 meters, so that the user can safely operate the device from the outside. PVC control boxes with transparent and tight flap door comply with IP 55 Standard and feature an ON /OFF switch, whose green light indicates heater connection to network; a digital display provided with micrprocessor allows to control and adjust temperature.
N.B. The max indicated temperatures refer to the nest These heaters comply with CEI Standards 62 – 25 and with the European Standards IEC 62D – VVG 5 – (segratariat) 8 – 1997.
All electrical components are IMQ validated.

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Caratteristiche tecniche



Precision On The Plate


Heating Res. Capacity

W 600


Kg 9.0


ml 2000

External Dimension

mm 305x410x170

Security Class


Protection Class

IP 55


V/HZ 230/50-60